Spang Makandra, Suriname, Paramaribo, A Suriname Based Development Studio, 2006


This pilot project is a joint venture between US Media (The Netherlands)  and Cybermango NV (Suriname).  they have established a web design and web development studio in Suriname, NV Spang Makandra. The products that are developed are websites with both dynamic and static content. Spang Makandra will export its products to Europe and the Caribbean. Creating a new market niche for a Suriname development studio can only be realised by transfer of new knowledge. In this process the key words are Time, Training and Communication.


The set up and development of these products in Suriname has required significant investment in time and training. Constant communication between the trainees, trainers and partners in Suriname and The Netherlands is important. After selection and training of the trainees, continuing feedback has been provided by Us Media in The Netherlands whilst the employees work on assignments. Transferring, updating and monitoring the required knowledge are ongoing aspects in the development of these products. There is a constant open communication line, through a phone line and flatscreens, between all partners in both countries.


Spang Makandra has developed into a full-service internet marketing bureau and is very successful company in Suriname where many young people work and get trained. Please visit their website:

Herenmarkt 93a

1013 EC Amsterdam

+31 6 25 41 68 92