PRI; Plastic Recycling Industries. 2005 to present

Plastic Recycling Industries Ltd. (PRI) has finalised Pilot Project in February  2008. That day it produced 651 tonnes of recycled post consumer plastic waste. Both directors, Mr. Driessen (PHB BV*) and Mr. Somani (Rwenzori Bottling company*), were present and signed the Protocol of Production with great pride. Since its start PRI has gained much respect and reputation in Kampala. Many Governmental

and non-governmental organisations have visited PRI. CNN made a short news item for CNN World report, several Ugandan ministers have visited, Bill Gates Foundation came by, UNIDO paid a visit in February 2008 and BUDS (Private Sector Foundation Uganda) has offered to assist in financing new machinery for the spin off. Most hotels in Kampala collect their plastic bottles for PRI to pick them up. Hospitals collect all their plastic waste and their drip bottles and many organisations are collecting for themselves for sale to PRI. PRI has established itself in the market, is know throughout Kampala and exports successfully to China.

One major positive effect is that HDPE (jerry cans, yogurt containers etc.) is mostly sold and

consequently re-used locally. Many companies producing HDPE products send their factory

waste to PRI to be recycled so that they can mix it back into new production. They now have to import much less virgin material into Uganda, saving on costs, transport and indirectly on environment impact. Another very positive effect is the creation of direct but mostly indirect employment on a relatively large scale. PRI estimates that at least 600 persons have gained a new living through collection and sales of post consumer waste. Many women have made it their job to collect plastic waste and deliver to PRI on a daily basis.


*2016: Both partners have sold their companies in the past years; Rwenzori was bought by SABMillers, including PRI.

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