New opportunities coming up/ LATEST NEWS UPDATE:

The Chocolate Factory project in Peru (check out the Peru portfolio on this site) will need second phase investment in 2018. The amount will be another 1.5 M Euro besides the current 2.3 M Euro currently being invested. This will grow the production to 1500 MT chocolate/licor. The amount of farmers involved in cacao production (organic and Fair trade) will remain around 1.000 but their production volume will go up. Local staff in the factory will grow to 20.


 The FSC sawmill and FSC forest project in Gabon will need additional investment in 2018. Please check out the Gabon portfolio on this site.


 Plastic Recycling and Roof Sheeting production Ethiopia. An large recycling company from Kenya wishes to move a part of their recycling and production line to Addis and start recycling there too. Plastic waste comes from landfills and will be recycled into roof sheeting for the building industry. This product is now being imported into Ethiopia.  Already invested in machinery 1,5 M and needed additional investment is 1,2 M Euro. Job creation will be mainly for women; 200 jobs directly.  Another 80 jobs will created indirectly in the transport and the supply chain.


Fishfarm - Rwanda

An existing fish farm, Tilapia and catfish, 30 MT per annum; plans to expand  in phases. They want to grow to 30.000 MT tilapia and catfish. The market demand is much higher. Export will also be an opportunity.

Phase 1  Investment size: 2,3  Million USD

Phase 2  Investment size 1,2 Million USD

Phase 3: 1,2 million

Total 4,8 million USD


ARED - African Renewable Energy - has developed a Mobile Solar Kiosk: "ARED’s Mobile Solar Kiosk (MSK) provides a one-stop shop destination for mobile users in rural and semi urban areas. Building an integrated distribution channel of key services such as airtime, mobile money, intranet/internet etc… for people at the base of the pyramid by adopting a micro franchise model is the key to solve the unemployment issue among the youth and vulnerable communities. Our system can be easily implemented anywhere on the continent with minimum infrastructure combine with our proprietary software and mobile platform. A micro-franchisee start making money as soon as the kiosk is on the ground."

ARED has also launched a Crowdfunding project:  or look on the ARED website:



 Through countour trenching technique, water is brought back into the ground, creating a year round water supply for people, agriculture and wildlife. From a dry, deserted landscape a lush and green environment is created in a couple of years. For more information look at 1 M Euro investment is needed for the first phase which includes trenching and fodder production. In a later stage the project will attache a dairy farm.


Solar lamps and cookstoves - Rwanda

A start up in Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Local assembly of solar lamps. Investment size 1.2 M Euro. Already invested 300.000 USD


Production of Insects for human consumption - Uganda

Flyingfood project with TNO, The Netherlands. see

This project is in its Pilot phase. Next year up and running. Once the pilot is done we will look for investors.




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