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Enhancing training and services in Medical Imaging in Uganda with MRI

In the recent years, Ugandan population has significantly increased from 22 million people in 2002 to over 40 million people in 2016; countries within the East African region and Africa in general have also experienced steady population growth. The increased population has led to increase in the disease burden within the region and particularly in Uganda; more people with sophisticated diseases are being registered in the health units.

As expected, more hospitals and health units have been established within the country in response to increased disease burden and the population. Uganda has got 129 hospitals now as opposed to 101 registered in 2004, private hospitals have increased to 9 from 4 in 2004. However, the proportionate increase in the health facilities is far below the proportionate increase in the disease burden.


The partners have establish a new Joint Venture; Kamric Ltd. This venture offers formal medical Imaging Education on MRI Imaging. It provides formal medical MRI Imaging education for other courses at ECUREI. Thirdly, it provides the Radiology Department of Mengo Hospital, run by ECUREI with MRI scans for patients.


The new courses designed around the new MRI equipment are part of ECUREI’s curriculum; students follow courses including the new courses designed for MRI education. However, the Joint Venture has a separate cashflow stream: they will receive tuition fees from students (through ECUREI) plus patient fees for MRI scans from ECUREI and on the other hand it will pay ECUREI for using its facilities. The reason for this is that the Joint Venture cannot be and is not registered by the Ministry of Education to conduct courses, only ECUREI is.

We offer the following Services (Product and Price):


1. Diploma Biomed Engineering (DBE)

2. Bachelors Medical Imaging (BMI)

3. Master Medical Imaging (MMI)

4. Master in Medicine (M. Med)

5. Master Medical Practitioner (MMP)

6. Certificate in MRI


This pilot project has been supported by the Dutch government with a part PSI grant contribution.


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