2009:   This project will produce the same AD PROTEX bags that they now import and sell them locally for the almost the same price. The advantages the companies will have is: they can order every week and get the bags delivered and pay in local currency. Payment terms will be local (30 days) and they will save on duties, transport and they have no longer the need to keep months worth of stock. Besides the cement industry Techpak Zambia will supply e.g. the sugar, maize, tea, fertilizer and wheat industry. The Joint Venture will also export to Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

2012:  Techpack Ltd. has been completing its initial phase with financial support from the Dutch government in the framework of the Private Sector Investment Program. The PSI allowed us to kickstart this pilot project and to train our staff. Now that this initial phase with capacity building, creating market opportunities, marketing and promotion has been completed, our company is now embarking on the second phase of development, i.e. up scaling, and implementing efficiency gains in the process, to control our cost price and to maintain our competitiveness and quality standards.

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