Illegal logging and related trade is a major cause of worldwide deforestation of 13 million hectares per annum, and by extension to global warming. Deforestation and land degradation lead to loss of biodiversity and to the rule of law. It undermines responsible forest management, encourages corruption, tax evasion and reduces the income of the producer countries. It contributes to poverty of a billion people that depend on of forest for their livelihoods; it has serious economic and social implications for the poor and disadvantaged with millions of dollars’ worth of timber revenue being lost each year. The estimation is that this is at least 10 billion USD annually.

Rational use of natural sources is a fundamental value for REMERINK GROUP. That idea is a driving force in our cooperation with partner suppliers; we assist them in implementing their sustainable forest management plans. We provide technical assistance and full guidance with regard to the FSC and OLB certification of forest management and monitoring chain and we do that by proving that the wood we use originates from a responsible and legitimate source. By performing such carefully orchestrated acquisitions, we give our contribution to the protection of, and adding value to the forests in the Congo basin area.


REMERINK GROUP is a specialist in the area of tropical hardwood from Central Africa. We deliver our products to distributors and wood processing industry all over Europe.

To REMERINK GROUP, certified wood is a logical answer to the concerns related to legitimacy and to the responsible natural sources management. In their acquisitions, they give preference to certified suppliers. Since these suppliers are still very rare, we finance and assist our partners in the certification process related to their forest management and their monitoring chain. Our own monitoring chain has also been certified.

2016 - 2019: We aim to expand our production and capacity and plan to invest in forest land and make it into  FSC certified and managed forest.


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