Studio Paramaribo

A multifunctional Film and TV Studio Suriname. A Joint Venture between Cam-a-lot BV & The Back Lot Holding NV.

They are currently (2016) still in the process of establishing the project. Once we have news we will publish it on the site.

Their respective websites: and


The Film production Industry in Suriname is not well developed at all. There is a lot of potential and there have been efforts to get this industry going, but until now no serious and sufficiently structured attempt has been done so far.

Since the establishment of The Back Lot and the start of the Suriname Film Academy in 2005, the production of independent films have been stimulated but mainly concern low-budget productions. Suriname produces mostly corporate films and commercials, by film production companies that work with freelancers mainly.

What The Back Lot and Cam-a-lot intend to set up is a Joint Venture company which will establish a multi functional Film & TV studio; it will invest in camera and sound equipment and

1. rent out this equipment to Film Production to emerging production companies in Suriname (Eye-Right) and (mostly) the foreign production companies.

2. facilitate Film Production companies (films, docs, commercials etc.)

3. (co) produce film productions, documentaries, TV programs (local and international) & commercials.

4. Set up and rent out a studio (stage, light and recording studio) for above mentioned activities and for rent to third parties. These parties are TV stations – local and international-, theater production companies, organizers or funders of Special Film/Events and the corporate world for (filmed) media training (role plays etc.).

5. Sell film courses in different disciplines within the Film Industry.

Our customers are mainly foreign film production companies, be it for (nature) films or commercials, documentaries or TV programs. The demand for suitable exotic locations for attractive prices is large. The more these companies can economize on their budgets the higher their profits. The nature of Suriname is unique and could attract many productions if local staff and material would be available. The Back Lot has received many request from producers for feature and commercial films but is not able to respond the required needs.

Unfortunately the answer until now had to be that there is no available local staff, nor equipment to be rented, nor other facilities to enable production companies to shoot in Suriname.

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