EntoAfrica Ltd was established in 2016 by Mr. Zahid Wissanji as a stand-alone Limited Liability Company in order set up a commercially viable, competitive and sustainable insect-rearing facility in Uganda.

EntoAfrica’s purpose:

To rear insects and promote them as a delicious, affordable and very nutritious food solution.  Crickets are the first of several insects the company is rearing, value-add, and market, with multiple benefits to Low Income People (LIP) and the environment.


To be a profitable and leading producer of affordable, essential, nutrient-packed insects and insect-derived products for the food industry that have a positive impact on the health of people, while alleviating demand on livestock and the environment for traditional protein sources, with farming bases located in key African markets.


Whole Crickets - varieties will include:

-seasoned crickets in snack packs

-plain crickets (for consumers to prepare at home)


Cricket flour - varieties will include:

-a neutral taste ready to be blended with other flour-based products (such as bread and biscuits)

-flavoured flour to be blended as an energy drink

 Energy bars made with cricket flour, locally available groundnuts, fruits, and honey

 Fertiliser from cricket droppings (also referred to as “poo”, or “frass”


TNO – The Flying Food project: https://www.flyingfoodproject.com/partners/

Innovations against poverty: https://iba.ventures/iap/Proti-Farm

The Protein Company, The Netherlands (production of high quality insect ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industry)

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