Disruptive business development approach.

for early & first stage investments in Africa.

A Unique Opportunity.

Annual GDP growth of 4.2%.

A steadily growing middle class.

Strong growth expected in all business sectors.

SMEs are shaping this growth and account for a disproportionally large share of job creation.

According to IFC, the total financing credit gap for SMEs in developing countries is ~$700-$850 billion and the overall need of the SME sector is estimated at $2.1-2.6 trillion.

But access to capital is limited, especially in early stages of investment.

As a result, many very promising opportunities are simply lost.

Developing those first phase investments requires a new investment ‘DNA’: unique business development and risk management knowhow with more patience, perseverance and determination.

Seedbed was set up to implement an approach that allows private equity to get involved in earlier stages and take advantage of those unique opportunities.

Seedbed -our innovation

Extensive, long-time experience working with African entrepreneurs, local capacity, financial skills in venture capital and international project financing and control.

Access to a vast, high-quality pipeline -inaccessible to others for the most part-as well as an existing portfolio of promising projects and companies.

A network of private foundations, high net worth individuals, family offices, development agencies, banks and private equity funds, which enables us to blend funding sources to create a unique financial package that bridges between aid and commercial funding and allows private equity to co-invest.

Create a strong foundation for greater economic development by enabling early stage investments.

Manage and mature early stage investments into ‘investible’ propositions for second stage investors and value chain partners.

Focus on companies that work in basic consumer markets, substitute imports, are highly scalable, unlock local economic development and have the potential to be embedded in a larger value chain.

Apply multi-source finance to overcome the ‘SMEs finance gap’

Our Approach



Sample Projects


Our Partners

Stanley Anytei -investment banker, Africa expert

Hans Bruyntjes -Kenya specialist, EPC and construction

Folkert Castelein -Ruanda specialist, business development

Marie-Helene de Cock -senior business analyst, strategy development , scaling

Michiel Nijsen -business development ecology and agriculture, Kenya expert

Chris van der Plassche -Ruanda specialist, business development

Vera Reusens -international credit management, international project finance

Ian Scholten -international credit management, international project finance

Join Us!

Access to a unique pipeline of promising entrepreneurs and young ventures and an extensive deal-flow of quality projects and companies -inaccessible to other investors.

We source, mature, monitor and grow early stage companies in Africa into ‘investible’ opportunities + successive financing rounds, offering a holistic solution to our partner entrepreneurs and investors.

We use combined financial instruments including debt, equity, grants, subsidies and business support programs to add value and bridge the SMEs finance gap.

We develop businesses by providing comprehensive support, including strategy development, technical assistance and management support.

Access to some of the most interesting growth markets in Africa.

An opportunity to invest in extremely promising SMEs and young entrepreneurs.

We take work out of your hands; save valuable time.

We de-risk business cases for you.

A chance to make a unique contribution to developing countries and participate in the fast growing impact investment sector.

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