Alfasan Uganda is privately owned limited liability company which was formed through a joint venture between Farm Support from Uganda and Alfasan from The Netherlands. Alfasan Nederland BV (1985) produces and distributes veterinary medicines and specialties and has 42 staff. Farm Support (2005) imports and distributes veterinary medicines and has 11 staff and indirectly employs 146 persons. Alfasan Uganda is in the process of building its factory in Kampala.

Alfasan Uganda will be the first in Uganda to produce high quality generic medicines meeting GMP-Pharma standards, thus providing livestock owners and veterinary service providers and distributors in Uganda and neighbouring countries with locally produced medicines. The company responds to a growing market for high quality animal products, in which only relatively expensive imported medicines, some of substandard quality (at low prices), are available to professional animal health service providers and farmers. Access to good quality veterinary medicine at affordable prices will therefore contribute to improve livestock health and productivity. The effectiveness of the medicines will be tested and monitored, both in the field and through Alfasan’s in-house quality control laboratory in the Netherlands. Appropriate support will be provided to agents, distributors and agricultural advisors to constantly improve the service level to farmers.

The project will introduce GMP-Pharma certified production of veterinary medicines in Uganda. IT will train its staff, have its manufacturing plant certified and produce up to 20% of Uganda’s demand for liquid and solid (powders) veterinary medicines. It will introduce new technology, it will realize significant foreign exchange savings through import substitution and exports, and make potential follow-up investments in other veterinary products, such as injectables and acaricides.

Furthermore, in a country in which 80% of the people depend on agriculture, and the majority of farmers are livestock owners, the project will have a substantial effect on the entire agricultural production chain. Healthier livestock means indeed healthier, more productive people. Healthier livestock produce more meat, eggs and milk for the family and for cash income. Uganda and its neighbouring countries depend entirely on imported, sometimes sub-standard, veterinary medicines. In-country production will provide opportunities to more effective disease control by closer contact between the producer and professionals in the animal production and health sector.

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