A Joint Venture of a Sudanese partner and a Dutch partner have established a top notch One-Stop hydraulic workshop in Khartoum. The services they offer are: seal manufacturing, chrome plating, pumpt testing, hose crimping and repairs.  Test reports are part of the service and all services have a guarantee. Unique in the country and unique in the region.

Have a look at the Sudanese website: www.afi-sd.com and the website of MH Hydraulics which is the Dutch partner.  www.mh.nl

This pilot project was financed by both partners and with the help of a Dutch subsidy programme (PSI). It started in 2011 and by 2015 it was having a very healthy turnover; and AFI Sudan is still operating very successfully.  Their reputation in Sudan is now very well established and as they provide customers with guaranteed products and high quality services, they have proven themselves in the market to be of great value for the entire industry.

The owners plan to expand to Ethiopia and other countries.

Herenmarkt 93a

1013 EC Amsterdam

+31 6 25 41 68 92