Motivation & Mission

Africa has many investment opportunities, but access to capital below $10M has proven to be very difficult for SME’s. Especially for early stage investment. Overhead and transaction costs are disproportionate for smaller investment tickets and thus hamper investment willingness. Risk return ratios do not meet portfolio requirements of the lager funds.


We believe that real impact begins in the first stages of development and this is where support and guidance is crucial; reality shows that opportunities are missed, potential ignored and investment hampers. The finance gap has become so present in our daily work, confronting us with a clogged up system, that we decided to join forces to address these lost opportunities and establish SEEDbed.


Our Team

Patrizia Sterenberg Salinas


  • 12+ years business development in Africa
  • Startup and management support experience
  • Bsc Biology

Marie-Christine Allaer


  • 20+ strategy and organization development
  • Startup funding experience
  • Business development in Africa
  • MSc Law, MiF


Our aim is to create a strong foundation for greater economic development by enabling early stage  investments

Our team has extensive, long-time experience working with African entrepreneurs, local capacity, financial skills in venture capital and international project financing and control.


We have access to a  vast, high-quality pipeline - inaccessible to others - as well as an existing portfolio of promising projects and companies.


We apply multi-source finance to overcome the ‘SMEs finance gap’

Our mandate is to manage and mature early stage investments into ‘investible’ propositions for second stage investors and value chain partners.


Herenmarkt 93a

1013 EC Amsterdam

+31 6 25 41 68 92